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 Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor

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Stranger In Pittsburgh

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PostSubject: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   Wed May 14, 2008 7:31 pm

Okay, let me explain this before I start my script:

I am a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and I decided to write a screenplay for an Angel episode starring Michael! So let me give a short recap of Angel so that everyone knows where this is coming from.

Angel is a vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the 1800's he was cursed by Gypsies by giving him back his soul. Since then he has been cursed by the knowledge of his horrible acts as one of the most feared vampires in history and has been helping the helpless to make up for the thousands of lives he took during his reign of Angelus, his evil self. There's only one stipulation to his curse, he cannot experience a moment of "true happiness" or else he will lose his soul and turn into Angelus again. Okay enough of that, here's my screenplay:

[Scene opens with Blood on the Dance Floor playing in a night club in downtown LA. Camera pans the room showing a young crowd dancing to the music. As the camera pans the room it shows the dancers sweating and panting for air when all of a sudden it flashes to a girl who collapses on the ground, beside her, everyone continues dancing. Flashes to Cordelia screaming in pain on the ground, Angel, Wesley, Gun and Fred are all surrounding her; they're in the hotel.]
ANGEL: What did you see?
CORDELIA: It's a nightclub, downtown LA [Wesley grabs a pen and paper and starts writing down Cordelia's description] There was music playing... it sounded like... nah
ANGEL: Like what?
CORDELIA: Michael Jackson...
WESLEY: What happened then?
CORDELIA: It was as though they couldn't stop dancing, like, they were cursed to dance, and then this girl, she fell over.
ANGEL: The nightclub, did you see what the name was?
CORDELIA: Um, yes, yes it was The Zoo.
[Flashes to Angel, Wesley and Gun walking into the nightclub]
WESLEY: Quite the nightclub they have going on here.
ANGEL: I never liked these kinds of things
GUN: We know, you're like Mr. Anti Social Vamp.
[As the walk in, Blood on the Dance Floor continues to play Angel, Gun and Wes start to dance to the music]
ANGEL: This music is so wonderful, I just, I just can't stop dancing!
GUN: You never dance, wait, I never dance... something is really wrong here, we need to figure this out.
WESLEY: Well obviously there is some kind of curse in the music, that is making everyone dance, and I believe that the girl Cordelia saw in her vision danced herself to death.
ANGEL: Well then, Beat It, Beat It, no one wants to be defeated...
GUN: You should leave the singing to Michael Jackson, singing just ain't your thing...
ANGEL: We need to find the DJ and stop the music. [Angel starts looking around the room and finally spots the DJ up in the corner, he dances his way to the DJ GUN and WESLEY follow] [to the DJ] See, I don't mind dancing, but I don't feel like dancing forever [Angel punches the DJ then removes the record from the spin table; the music stops and everyone stops dancing]
DJ: [catching his breath] how... how'd you do that? I couldn't touch it, I couldn't stop it, I just couldn't stop dancing.
WESLEY: [whispering in Angel's ear] Must have something to do with your vampire powers, you must have more control than normal human beings.

WESLEY: I looked this up, the only thing that can cause people to dance non-stop like that is a Shorwah demon, but I don't get it, the Shorwah demon must sing to the music in order for the dancing curse to take effect.
CORDELIA: What's the point in that? Why does this Shorwah demon want people to continue dancing?
WESLEY: Well from what I have read, the Shorwah demon needs to collect the energy released by the dancing to maintain it's form.
ANGEL: What form is that?
WESLEY: Well a Shorwah demon is only essence until it finds a host, it then takes the form of that host, in reality, it duplicates a person.
ANGEL: Just an idea, is it possible that this Shorwah demon has taken the form of Michael Jackson?
WESLEY: Well I suppose that it's possible, however, the Shorwah demon needs to be in close contact with the host in order to take it's form, but I suppose that if Shorwah demon needs dancing to survive, Michael Jackson would be the optimal host for it.
CORDELIA: Yeah, but if it's Michael Jackson, there's no WAY we're getting anywhere near that!
[the door of the hotel opens, a lady in sunglasses enters; WESLEY, CORDELIA, and ANGEL both look at her as she walks up to the main desk Angel stands up and goes to greet her]
ANGEL: Hello, can I help you?
RAYMONE: Hi, my name is Raymone Bain, um, is this Angel Investigations?
ANGEL: Yes, I'm Angel.
RAYMONE: And you guys deal with paranormal correct?
CORDELIA: Hey, I know you! [she says as she approaches the desk behind Angel]
ANGEL: Cordy, I really don't think that now's the ti-
CORDELIA: You're Michael Jackson's spokeswoman!
RAYMONE: Well, yes, but you see, I don't really know where Michael is...
ANGEL: What do you mean?
RAYMONE: Well I mean, I know where he is, but I don't think that the Michael I've been talking to the last few days is the same Michael that hired me... Something's, well not right about him.
WESLEY: So it's true. The Shorwah demon has taken the form of Michael Jackson, and has probably moved the real Michael to some hidden lair. We will need to know everything that you know Mrs. Bain in order to save him. The only way we can get rid of a Shorwah demon is to have the real singer, sing along beside the Shorwah demon.

(to be continued)


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Stranger In Pittsburgh

Female Number of posts : 213
Age : 31
Location : Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Real Name : Laura
Registration date : 2008-04-14

PostSubject: Re: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   Wed May 14, 2008 8:02 pm

[RAYMONE, CORDELIA, FRED, and WESLEY walk up to a large building in LA]
RAYMONE: This is the recording studio that Michael has been working in. He, or, well I guess that demon, is in here right now.
WESLEY: I would like to remind everyone to act as though we are not aware that the Shorwah demon is present. We should -
CORDELIA: OMG! OMG! EEEEEE!!!! It's Michael Jackson!! [She starts jumping up and down wildly screaming]
WESLEY: Cordelia...
FRED: She's really a big fan of Michael Jackson isn't she...
WESLEY: Yes, I suppose she is.
[Cordelia runs up to Michael and asks him for an autograph]
MICHAEL: [looking at RAYMONE] Who are these people?
RAYMONE: [looking at Wesley who gives her a 'don't tell' look] These are some of my interns. Um, this young lady (points to Fred) is Fred...
MICHAEL: Fred, that's an interesting name for a girl.
FRED: [giggling] yes, I guess it is.
WESLEY: I'm Wesley Windom Price [reaches out his hand and shakes Michael's]
MICHAEL: Well would you like to hear what I've been recording?
WESLEY: That would be wonderful
FRED: [Whispering to Wesley] I thought that a Shorwah demon's singing is bad for us... we can't listen to it.
WESLEY: That is why I brought these (hands Fred a set of ear plugs)
FRED: Oh, good thinking Wesley.
[The group walks into a recording studio and sits down behind a large soundboard where Michael sits down and pressed a button]
FRED: [whispering to Wesley] What about Cordelia? Shouldn't we give her ear plugs too?
WESLEY: no, we need to make sure that this really is a Shorwah demon and not just a moody pop star... Cordelia should start dancing once the music starts, it's more than likely that the Shorwah demon has let up his effect on Raymone since she is his spokesperson, it would be too suspicious if he had her in on it also.
[a song starts playing in the background muffled by the ear plugs that WESLEY and FRED are wearing, Cordelia starts dancing]
MICHAEL: Well someone seems to like it. [He looks at Wesley and Fred questionably] Don't you two like it?
WESLEY: Uh, yes, yes I think it's wonderful
MICHAEL: Why aren't you dancing?
WESLEY: Should we be?
MICHAEL: [confused] I think you guys should go... [looks at Wesley then his eyes shift to Wesley's ears] Bad hearing?
WESLEY: Excuse me?
MICHAEL: You have something in your ear, I was asking if you had bad hearing...
WESLEY: Where is Michael Jackson?
MICHAEL: Excuse me? I am Michael Jackson
FRED: No you're not. You're a Shorwah demon
MICHAEL: hehe, a what? Wow, I've been called a lot of things in my life, but a demon? That's the first time I've been called that. What's a Shorwah?
WESLEY: You know exactly what a Shorwah demon is, because you are one.
MICHAEL: Um, you know what... I think it's time you guys went, I don't see how you act friendly to a guy and then call him a demon... That's rude, I think all three of you should leave, I'm sorry that you don't see me for the nice guy I am, but I am not what everyone thinks I am and I don't appriciate being called names, I have feelings you know.

(to be continued)


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Stranger In Maine

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PostSubject: Re: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   Wed May 14, 2008 8:11 pm

Laura it's awesome so far! Can't wait for more! clap


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PostSubject: Re: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   Fri May 16, 2008 3:57 pm

Ohhh! I like it! More, Laura, more! Very Happy (Please and thank you! ) Very Happy

~*Ashley Lynn*~

~*Thanks to JEN and Laura for these GORGEOUS siggies! Love you babes! Love*~
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Stranger in Los Angeles
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PostSubject: Re: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   Fri May 16, 2008 6:41 pm

Awesome Laura! You're very talented. More! It's like a real TV show lol! I want more! Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor   

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Angel: Blood on the Dancefloor
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